Privacy policy

  1. The Bank shall take measures to prevent unauthorized access by third parties to the information constituting bank secrecy of the Customer. Any such information may be provided to third parties not otherwise than in accordance with Republic of Kazakhstan laws.

  2. In cases where the use of passwords and SMS codes involves transfer to the Customer or storage by the Bank of any confidential information, the Bank shall take all necessary and Bank-depending organizational and technical measures to prevent access by third parties to such information, prior to such information is transferred to the Customer, as well as in the course of storage of this information.

  3. The Parties agree that all information received thereby under this Agreement is confidential, and any disclosure thereof to any third parties, without the prior written consent of the other Party, is inadmissible.

  4. The prohibition established herein shall not apply to cases where the provision or disclosure of such information is due to the requirements of individuals and bodies directly authorized by Republic of Kazakhstan law
  5. When the User uses the Mobile Application, the Bank may collect and (or) use:
    5.1. information about the location, geolocation, exact coordinates of the location, approximate coordinates of the location of the User to search for the Bank's branches closest to the User;
    5.2. access to the camera, access to the media library (photo gallery / video gallery) of the User's mobile device to create photo documents, to create and / or save an image and / or photo, to save media materials, to save an image on the User's mobile device for display photos of the User in the Mobile Application, to add a payment template and upload the necessary documents;
    5.3. read-only access to the state of the User's mobile device, including the phone number of the User's mobile device, current information about the cellular network of the User's mobile device, the status of all current calls and a list of all accounts registered on the User's mobile device to improve the security level of using the Mobile application, for autocomplete the mobile phone number when authorizing in the Mobile application;
    5.4. access to the phone book for the purpose of auto-filling the phone number when performing payments for services and mutual settlements;
    5.5. access to SMS messages for the purpose of auto-filling the confirmation code sent by the Bank in the form of an SMS message to confirm the operation;